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Aaron's E3 Travelogue

Taking a stroll through the halls of E3 to explore the best and worst the show had to offer.

Article by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
May 25th 2005, 07:34PM

Spartan: Total Warrior (???)

First time I played this, I hated it. The fighting seemed too simplistic and the whole ambience was doing nothing for me. It could have just been the particular level because when I tried the demo again on a different stage, switching between bow and sword to cut down a massive horde of enemies that swarmed in like armored ants, I had to admit I was pretty impressed. Controls were a little awkward with not enough buttons for all the various commands, but once they iron out that it'll be gold.

New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

It's Super Mario World, only better. Mario looks a little funky being 3D and the second screen is going to waste, but it's still damn cool despite that.

Sonic Rush (DS)

It's whatever the last 2D Sonic made by Sonic Team was, only better. Makes a brilliant use of the two screens to create truly massive play areas, keeps the old tricks while tossing in new ones that blend seamlessly, and has a nice level of challenge to it. Easily the best game I've played on the DS.

Shining Force Neo (PS2)

Just to let you know, it has nothing to do with the Matrix movies. It barely has anything do with the turn-based Shining Force series. It's probably a game that the vast majority passed off as simple hack and slash, but that's because they don't know this is the brainchild of Neverland, developer of one of my favorite Dreamcast gems, Record of Loddoss War. Shining Force Neo is a game I'll buy as soon as it's released.

Phantasy Star Universe (PS2)

PU is right. Essentially, it's PSO with marginal improvements that don't really address the relatively simplistic and repetitive gameplay problems that plagued the original. You can shoot or slash from a single weapon, but the annoying delay from PSO keeps it from being as good as the same mechanic was in Crimson Sea. It could have been the screens, but the game also looked terrible, jagged all the way to hell and back. The character customization looked deep, but not enough to save it. I hope there was much more to it that wasn't seen in the demo.

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