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Agetec Booth Report

One small booth that seemed far too small to contain five great upcoming titles.

Article by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
May 24th 2005, 05:50AM

Wild Arms: Alter Code F (PS2)

Meant for release last year, this title suffered unfortunate delays due to Sony Japan concentrating on the forth game in the Wild Arms series, but this allowed Agetec to revisit their localization and give it another layer of polish that will make it all the more delightful for gamers when it finally arrives in stores later this year.

While this is a remake of the original, following the same basic story and staring the characters of the first, it has been so greatly expanded that even to people familiar with the original it will seem "as fresh to them as it's going to be to anyone else." The first most noticeable change are the graphics that have been greatly improved. What might have been a static 2D background in the original has been remade into a complex 3D environment. Another change is the greatly expanded storyline, offering new solutions to old puzzles that allow even veterans of the series to sit back an enjoy instead of just breezing through it.

Story and visuals aren't the only areas that have been enhanced. Gameplay has been completely revised, allowing you to control up to six characters at one time during battle, doubling the three of the original, and including three new playable characters. The combat is mainly based off of Wild Arms 3, where dynamic camera angles helped turn what could have been a rather static turn-based affair into a dramatic and action-packed conflict. All of this comes back by a deep and mature storyline that will keep players engrossed for the over sixty hours WA:ACF takes to complete.

Procololis (PSP)

It's perhaps a sad fact that anything perceived as a kid's game won't sell in the US unless it's tied to a big name license. This is what has prevented Agetec from bringing this cute RPG series sooner. However, now that the first two games, complete with fully animated cut-scenes and new adventures to tie them together, are being released on the PSP, they decided to take a risk and provide something that has been sorely lacking in the PSP's library.

The game is as funny as it is fun, following the charming story of a group of interesting characters, all rendered in vibrant 2D graphics. The ability to save at any time makes it the perfect game for those needing their RPG kick on the go, especially if they're a fan of tactical style battles with silly attacks, like calling up a flock of birds to peck an enemy to death. With over thirty hours of gameplay to be found, once Procololis is popped into their PSP, it's likely to stay there for a long time to come.

Armored Core Formula Front: Special Edition (PSP)

When this game was released in Japan, you assembled your mecha from hundreds of available parted, programmed and trained up its AI with detailed systems options, and send it off to fight on its own while there was nothing you can do but sit and watch.

The US release will feature the option to take control of your mecha, or let the AI you made fight for you. This comes complete with multiple replay modes that let you to view the action from any angle, and also to admire the sharp visuals that manage to look superior to its console counterparts. Combat is followed by a detailed analysis of your performance, allowing you to tweak your mecha and your AI to your liking. Improvements to help you thoroughly crush your computer controlled opponents, or even your friends via wireless head to head starting this Fall.

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