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We geek out with a batch of localizing gems.

Article by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
May 27th 2005, 05:24AM

Samurai Western (PS2)

Developer Acquire have proven themselves masters of slow, deliberate action, whether it be the stealthy life of a ninja in the original Tenchu games, or the honorable path of a samurai in the Way of the Samurai series. Now they're trying to prove that they can speed things up with the frantic action of Samurai Western.

The Gold Rush is over and the railway sweeps across the West. The days of the gunmen and outlaws in the Wild West are slowly coming to an end when a strange foreigner, carrying only a sword, arrives in a small town to bring his own brand of nippon justice.

Set aside realism for a moment. Samurai Western is all about having fun and pulling off crazy stunts like dodging or deflecting bullets while dashing and slicing offending enemies to bits with ten different stances. It's about collecting over a hundred unlockables, including over twenty five characters and more than twenty different weapons. It's about joining with a gunslinger friend for two-player cooperative mode. It's about scoring massive combos in sixteen missions, and having a blast in the process.

It's about carving a righteous path through the Old West, samurai style.

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