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Bahn Unplugged: E3 2006 Edition - Part One

It's the calm before the storm.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
May 7th 2006, 09:55PM

So today marks the last day before the true excitement begins here in Los Angeles. It's funny because like every previous year, I don't get too pysched until it's actually here! It gradually builds up as I feverishly work to get appointments set up, travel plans, clothes packed... yadda, yadda. Members of the industry go through a similar experience, actually much greater than my annual routine making preparations for the media set to attend and evaluate their respective lineup of games. Some wouldn't openly admit it, but well, they tend to dread E3. For them, it's an event they want to see come and go. What do I think? Well, it can feel chaotic at times, but trust me, I wouldn't miss E3 for the world.

And well, here I'm --- typing away in the International section of LAX.. patiently awaiting Candice to arrive from her hometown (edit: speak of the devil, she just arrived). From there, we'll both meet up with the rest of the GotNext crew. Most of us will be meeting each other for the very first time, an experience that many consumer enthusiast sites like ours undoubtedly go through. This evening, I plan on taking it easy... watch a movie, chill with the others, have dinner and then get a good night's sleep.

"Some wouldn't openly admit it, but well, they tend to dread E3. For them, it's an event they want to see come and go."

Tomrorow marks the first day of the media press conferences, lead by Sony Computer Entertainment America. Oooh man, I'm really looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about the PS3. Last year, we didn't get too many details about its powerful processor, CELL -- nor did we see any actual games, just tech demos. Not to say that the duckies and Warhawk weren't impressive, but now it's time to hit the center stage and really show off just what this next-gen system can do. The event is being held in Culver City, a locale that is totally new to me (previous years used to be a few miles from the LACC). I'm also expecting the first wave of press releases to go through, which we'll be updating live as they're announced (or whenever time permits). Unlike some of the pro-sites, we will not be streaming the conference, though that would've been cool. Our buddies at Endgameradio sadly couldn't attend this year, but I expect they may be hosting a special broadcast Wed through Friday -- I'll have to catch up with Zug (aka Thomas Manino) for details.

Well, I probably should start here... gotta meet up with Candice (she arrived on an Alaskan flight -- long story) and finally get out of this airport. Stay tuned for more highlights all throughout this week.

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