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Bahn Unplugged: E3 Edition: Part Two

Lights, games, glamour. It all goes down at E3. So where did that warm, fuzzy feeling go?

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
May 14th 2006, 03:52PM

Around this point is where things get a bit fuzzy, but toward the end of the presentation, Sony showed off a kickass game called The Eye of Judgement. It's a card game that utilizes a revolutionary interactive camera that could easily pass for a distant cousin of the EyeToy. Eye of Judgement basically consists of a 3x3 board and trading cards. Each has a unique code that the camera picks up and magically trnsforms the trading cards into digital characters on-screen. Sadly, you don't have any manual control over the characters, but still -- it's a great advancement of the conventional style card players have become accustomed to. Look out Dungeons & Dragons.

"...much to my disappointment, I was apparently the only one who owned Mario Kart DS. That just sounds so wrong, doesn't it?"

Then the program shifted to the first-ever showing of the new Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer. Yeah, I said Guns. Apparently, the title inherited the plural context since the last time we've heard about it for reasons that I still haven't been able to figure out -- but I imagine it's got something to do with those new Metal Gears with high heels. By now, everyone on the planet should have seen the trailer and if not -- well, you really need to stop reading this, find a local gaming site of your choice and handle your business. Finally, Sony dropped a big surprise on the world by revealing that their new controller wasn't that oddly shaped Batarang peripheral, but in fact, the traditional PlayStation design that we've all come to know and love. Only, it wasn't exactly the same. There was something different about it. Something that Phil Harrison basically acknowledged as "magical". It was wireless -- but even better, it mirrored the essence of what the Wii controller planned to offer gamers. K.... O....

Yeah, none of us saw it coming and it seemed to have pissed off a ton of Nintendo fanboys (or just people in general, depending who you spoke to). How dare Sony copy Nintendo's idea! Uh, yeah -- this is business people. [sarcasm alert] Boo to them for making a wise decision to recognize a potentially solid idea. [/end] I applaud them for jumping onto a concept that ultimately is going to change the way we look at games forever. Believe it.

Tomorrow, I'll discuss my impressions of the Nintendo and Microsoft press briefings, the finalized PS3 controller, the first two days of E3, GN's schoomzing at Pepcom, and more Ramada Hollywood antics including a stolen PSP and games. Say what? It all goes down tomorrow evening folks.

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