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Bahn Unplugged: The Return

A classic editorial column revived for the 21st century.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
October 1st 2005, 06:58AM

After several months of delays, doubt and well, more procrastination, GotNext is officially rolling out the red carpet for editorial blogs. Those of you who offer patronage to sites like Livejournal and such definitely know what this is all about -- and if you don't -- um, Google is your best friend.

Personally, I am really excited to finally introduce this new element into the site. Overall, our team has been rather excited about this and I hope that you, the readers will come to appreciate our upcoming, informal "editorials" whenever those creative juices get us going. We feel that this will offer an even closer connection of what we're up to. We may make you think, or laugh...or cry, or perhaps a bit of everything. The bottom line is, it's all for in the name of fun. :)

Don't expect us to always talk about games, because shoot -- I am sure everyone's lives are a lot more diverse and interesting than spending 100 hours playing World of Warcraft or looking for new ways to exploit the bugs in Halo 2. I wish I could tell you what to expect -- well, if you've read Candice's stuff -- expect much more of that, and then some. If you don't like her work, please don't complain to me... Just don't read it, or at least, wait until you've seen more of her work before you start sending hate mail suggesting we've lost our minds. Overall, we'd welcome any feedback you have to offer, especially if it's possible.

And well, on that note, I'll be taking the rest of the night off. Rest assured, future blogs will be a bit more extensive, but I don't want to look at my PC monitor another second! Yesterday was exhausting as hell, running a few errands, but mostly sitting my ass at the home "office" publishing a bunch of content that has been sitting in my inbox. Christmas came early this month in the form of UMD and console goodies. I'd list them all, but that would require a whole feature of its own.

Ok, I am exaggerating just a bit, but there was a lot of digital blessings at my doorstep the other day. You'll be hearing about it one way or another via Bahn Unplugged or the usual content channels.

So be sure to check the main page often, because you never know when an editor is bound to pop on with a few thoughts they've been dying to get off their chest. Until next time...

What's this...?
Tony Hawk Black Sk8er????

p.s. Everyone needs to hit up this thread, I just found out from Dave that Activision decided to put me in the next Tony Hawk game... It's true...ok, maybe not, but you can be the judge.

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