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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 1

A seemingly futile search for a new DVD release, an open statement to the DS wi-fi service, and a brief rundown of editorial coverage. Read up!

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
October 19th 2005, 05:55AM

So today marks the official release of Batman Begins, a film that I've been eager to watch on DVD ever since its theatric release. TV ads have been pimping a special 2-Disc set, which as any DVD guru knows would consist of assorted extras that the diehard fan cares about.


Early this morning (midnight actually), I decided to be an early bird and head out to my local Walmart, planning on being one of the first to get a copy. Only, when I got there, I came to discover something was wrong. There was no special Batman Begins 2-Disc set...just the standard pack. So I figured -- they're located in a special area of the store; perhaps up front. But completing my shopping for essential groceries -- Bats was nowhere to be found. I did however, grab a promotional package which contains two select episodes from the animated series, The Batman, based on Batman's younger years. Could this be that two-disc set they were talking about? Of course not, especially after reading the DVD review on IGN. Suffice it to say, I've ended up with the regular, bare-bones version, unlike the one featured below.



I knew this package HAD to exist, they were pimping it on TV and even IGN was teasing me with ads of its purported avaialblility. :( Today I was preparing to watch it, but couldn't shake the fact that I REALLY wanted this special package. My girlfriend called and spoke to a rep who claimed they had it, but she was under the belief that he was referring to said package which we purchased last night.

But what really phased me was to find that IGN's 2-Disc ad had magically vanished from the site. In its place was a new ad, merely showing a one-disc setup.

WTF? What was going on? Does it exist or not...if so, why can't I find it? Sounds like someone in marketing goofed -- perhaps it comes out a month later???? I want answers or they'll be hell in Gotham City. Looks like I may just have to go and order it online, which I was really trying to avoid.

In other news, I found out that Warner Bros. released Batman Anthology the other day. It contains every Batman film from 1989 to 1997. Perhaps later. Right now, this mystery needs solving...>

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