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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 1

A seemingly futile search for a new DVD release, an open statement to the DS wi-fi service, and a brief rundown of editorial coverage. Read up!

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
October 19th 2005, 05:55AM

Dear Nintendo,

When the official word went out that you were introducing a dual-screen handheld, I figured you guys lost your mind. Playing soccer on two screens? No thanks. I forgot about how this concept was introduced years ago during the Game & Watch era -- but that's another story.

When I went to E3 and Reggie told us about how the system would offer free Wi-Fi access, I was intrigued -- but couldn't imagine how you'd be able to offer a benchmark that would literally connect thousands of gamers throughout the country (or the globe as he put it). It was an ambitious idea. I wanted to believe. The potential was too promising to dismiss as impossible. There were many, many questions and well, you've always loved to hold onto those secrets until the "opportune time".

Well, now we know -- now we know that you truly are a pioneer. You always have been. And what a way to kick things off by giving us Mario Kart DS -- a game that I've been dying to playing in an online capacity for years. YEARS, I tell you. Come November 14, my dreams will shift from fantasy to reality. Smiles shall be beaming. Hearts will beat in harmonious glee. And you...well, you'll be sitting there -- nodding your heads, knowing full well that you're a master of your craft.

Thank you!

Faithfully yours,
Chris Scantleberry

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