Bahn Unplugged: Volume 10 Feature - The Next Level

Bahn Unplugged: Volume 10

Or better known as "random ranting".

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
March 31st 2006, 12:20AM

I've been pondering a thought about writing a feature about gamers and the achievement system on 360. As I've expressed in a previous blog entry, it's a remarkable aspect that creates a significant incentive for players to play games to completion. And in theory, it creates a friendly vibe of competition amongst gamers in the community. So is it working? Does everyone find the achievement system is helping the community or is it the ultimate element that will cause division? I've got various thoughts on it and provided that I can get them into a more organized fashion -- we'll see what comes of it.

In other news, my 3-week hiatus with Dead or Alive 4 came to an end. Yeah, I can't stay away. But hey, give me some credit here... I did fully complete the single-player mode in Burnout Revenge (elite baby!) and put in some time into Oblivion (more on that soon). Anyways, the majority of my online sessions were against random players who seemed to be fairly new to the multiplayer fighting scene. As some of you know, Team Ninja released an update allowing players the option to reset their rank. Me? I kept mine where it's at. Currently, I am an SS -- not legitimate, but so what? if only some saw it that way. Upon entering a lobby, players were spazzing out with phrases like: "oh shit, we're in trouble now!" In the beginning, I'd assure players that the rank was merely a mirage and that I could in fact, be defeated.

It didn't help though when I managed to get a few perfects or basically "school" them, giving them the impression that I was a hustler. In fact, one even criticized me for just "doing the same moves", as to suggest that I was cheating and it was the only reason why I was winning. Heh, I used to talk like that back in my earlier casual fighting days. Boy, was I ignorant. His comment was somewhat discouraging and I asked if he preferred that I leave (yeah, I took offense). For the most part, I kept my cool, but it puzzled me why he (like most players tend to be so critical of someone else's gameplay when they're losing). Later that evening, when I had moved on to play some XBLA games, he sent me a msg that I needed to lighten up. Are you kidding me??? Why was he still dwelling on something that happened hours ago? :(

Why can't people just focus on having fun regardless of what their ranked? Isn't that the whole reason why any of us play? Sometimes I'd think back if circumstances would be different if I had reset my ranking and had a skill level around the A to B range, would that change their perception? Probably not.

This edition is somewhat shorter than I intended. Later this evening, I'll be taking some time away from the gaming scene to check out Denzel Washington's new film, Inside Man, followed by Ice Age 2: The Meltdown the day after. Don't worry folks, I've get back to this later as I still have more ranting to do.

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