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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 12

Technical difficulties, reflecting on GN's "updated" look and minor 360 musings. It's good to vent.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
April 18th 2006, 03:47AM

There really must of been some evil, hidden force at work this evening. I was so curious as to what I could have done to see karma practically get slammed against the wall and ridiculed for such having such a positive beat. Why did I feel that it was inevitable things would have to go wrong... today of all days. The day when I looked forward to Season 5: Episode 18 of the hit show 24.

Perhaps it was because I was just in such a damn good mood. Maybe it was the fact EA hooked me up with a reviewable copy of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (thanks Tim). Or perhaps it was just because things HAVE to go wrong on my day off? Whatever it was -- yours truly wasn't able to kick back and enjoy 24 as it has been the custom in the past several weeks. 5 minutes until the show was to air, Cassie informed me that the signal wasn't coming through Direct TV. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I reset the tune. BIG mistake. Once the signal was reacquired, I came to the unfortunate discovery that all the local channels... were gone. Unavailable. SOL.

So that led to me checking the website to see if our programming was somehow altered, followed by an hour long phone session with tech support. We tried everything from restarting the tuner, configuring the satellite's parameters and shooting back techno terms that wouldn't normally come up in casual conversation. Meanwhile, 24 was on, where literally hundreds upon hundreds of fans had tuned in and was enjoying the epic continuation of Jack Bauer and his quest to save the world. Sure, it's a lot more detailed than that, but do you actually expect me to reveal what's going on if you've been amongst those who've missed it only to have someone spoil it for ya? That isn't me folks.

Oh, so where am I going with this? Does this story even have a happy ending? If only. See, several minutes past 10, after another series of troubleshooting tests, our channel magically was restored. Channel 61 was back, but 24 was already over. The news? Who cares about what's going on in the real world? I wanna know what's going on in Jack's world!!!! Curse you evil force... curse you and all that you stand for. Now I've gotta do something unethical and use those resources that we do not speak of. I am talking about torrents, folks.

In other news, you may have noticed that the front page is sporting a somewhat cleaner, spiffy look. Truth be told, this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I'd say more about the design -- but it pretty much speaks for itself. It wouldn't have been possible without Steven Kenyon -- a very sharp, talented web developer. Some of you may know him simply as "landstalkerx" who is the same person who recently did the redesign for SEGA-16. GotNext is eternally grateful for his hard work and swift skills to get a job done within a few days. Thumbs up to you, sir!

There's still a few other things in the works that we'd like to roll out in the coming months that would like to roll out and I promise to discuss them in more detail once I have a more concrete timeframe to share with you all.

And speaking of rolling out, look foward to this month's edition of Got Game? To be honest, it's something that I was planning on running this evening, but the aforementioned nonsense involving my inability to see 24 really set me off. Ah well, guess I'll just go back to finishing up Tomb Raider: Legend. Yes, it's a great game. Enough to be considered a must-own? Well, that depends on you. For me, it was a no-brainer after playing the demo that hit the Xbox Live Marketplace several days ago. My impressions were posted back on the 13th, so check that out if you wanna know my currrent thoughts (don't worry, it hasn't changed much since I've been playing the full version). I am still undecided about picking anymore 360 titles. Blazing Angels seemed like a potential pick a few weeks ago, but online reviews suggest that this is something that I should hold out for until the price drops a few bucks. Yes, $60 is a lot to ask for a mere "decent" game. Financially conscious, you say? Heck yeah.

Aight, I am out -- guess I'll be checking out a lot more episodes of Smallville tonight if I am unable to get a torrent, I mean a recorded version of 24. Hey, who you calling a pirate?

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