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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 2

A renewed love for Nintendo's latest (and smallest) handheld. Say what?!?

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
October 28th 2005, 09:24AM

I really should be sleeping...

Of course, there are some who feel that I am incapable of such a normal routine. Come each evening, there you'll find my face all up on my computer monitor, typing away; formatting images; writing emails and ultimately making sure that this place continues to offer solid content. Naturally, I enjoy it a great deal or else GotNext would have died shortly after the launch.

I don't really have any particular order to discuss what's new, and believe me, there's a LOT going on. I don't mean just with the site, but with the "real" job, my personal life and smaller things in general. Often I don't feel that I get enough personal time to myself, and with the holidays inching its way closer each and every day -- that won't be happening anytime soon. But seeing as I decided to actually go through with a new edition of Bahn Unplugged when my butt really should be in bed -- here's a quick highlight that I thought I'd share...

In the palm of my hand

It all began halfway into the program of this year's Nintendo E3 press conference -- I had correctly guessed that a new type of handheld system was going to be released. No, I didn't have any insider details, but I knew that it would be something that would ultimately leave my jaw agape. We all know what I am getting at -- Nintendo Micro. When it was first revealed, my first reaction was...well, "WHY?" In my opinion, Nintendo had already saturated the market with one too many systems and as far as I was concerned -- it was going to create confusion within the consumer market. Gamers were only just starting to warm up to the Nintendo DS while most decided to be content with their GBA/SP units. And here they were, ready to launch yet another iteration of something that we've already owned for several years -- only smaller.

I had been so tied up with things freelancing with IGN, mostly aspirations to play Xbox 360 that the thought of running to get hands-on time with their new miniature system was the last thing on my mind. But I did catch a glimpse and suffice it to say -- I wanted no part of it. Sorry, but changing faceplates and a brighter screen just didn't seem like significant selling points? Even the testimonials from my good friends Andrew and Anthony wasn't enough to win any love... in fact, I made fun of them. Yeah, I am a bastard.

Well, fast forward to the present -- guess what's in my possession? Yep...a Game Boy Micro. Now, of course -- the million dollar question is "why?" I don't have a textbook answer, but let's just say the inner geek started speaking to the more sensible, financially conscious part of me and well the geek won! But that's a good thing, because you know -- this GB Micro is pretty badass in its own right.

For starters, it's obviously well, SMALL. Much smaller than any other handheld system created by Nintendo. Yes, that includes Game Boy Pocket. Is the screen brighter? Is it as cool as "they" say? And most importantly, do I like it? Each of those questions get a definitive "YES!" Not only is the screen remarkably awesome, it's marginally better than the DS. The cool factor is off the scale, simply because for one -- it's discreet. You can take this thing out and very few people are even going to know that you're playing a Nintendo-based product and may mistake it for some sort of pocket organizer. The only Game Boy branding is located on the back. Customizing the faceplates is really sweet -- something that's preparing me for the Pimp My 360 campaign starting November 22 (more thoughts on 360 stuff within the coming week or so). I love the fact that the packaging offers 2 for F-R-E-E. Nintendo just got 1,000 bonus points of love from me for delivering. There's also a pouch in there that I've yet to use, but yeah -- I am loving the whole packaging and design overall.

I am sure you are expecting me to talk about games, but due to my crazy schedule -- I can only praise it on account of my recent experience with Gunstar Super Heroes, a game which by now if you don't own, kindly resign your status as a gamer! Those of you that need a dose of reality and a solid set of reasons why this game should be part of your collection, I invite you to check out my personal report, available here.

Now I just need to find more reasons to spend time with it, especially since I do still own the DS. In fact, I expect GB Micro and DS battling for my attention, especially with the number of awesome games coming to DS next month like oh, Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario Kart DS, and a whole bunch of other awesome releases.

This sounds like a great time to stop, especially since lately I've had a knack for turning in at really late hours. Actually, I wrote more -- but due to being half dead and not paying attention to what I was doing -- I somehow managed to overwrite some of the random musings that were to be included in here. Hm, I guess that it's for the best that it didn't get included, now I'll have a reason to tack on a supplement over the weekend.

(Thinks) They say sleep is good -- I suppose for once I should give it a shot.

Until next time...

Normally, I'd break out the visual awesomeness, but man -- I am TIRED. Next time folks, I promise!!!

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