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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 3

New gaming acquisitions, an upgraded office unit and a few things in between. Ready? Begin...

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
November 3rd 2005, 06:52PM


I've probably mentioned this in the last edition of Unplugged (and frankly, I am too lazy to check even while writing this), but GotNext just recently broke the 200 mark. That's an impressive achievement if I don't say so myself considering this site has only been operating just a bit over a year. And thanks to this massive holiday craze, we'll poised to break 300 before this month is over. It goes without saying that we're all highly productive. We've got a lot of awesome coverage on the way, though, if this is your first visit -- be sure to take time to explore the rest of the site. We've got a chockfull of awesome content put together by some of the best enthusiasts I've ever worked with in years. They know it, and now you do too!

Office Space: The Lost Episode

In other news, with my increasing desire to maintain solid organization skills and a productive work environment, I decided to invest in a new computer office unit. Though to be honest, I was originally shopping for a new fax machine earlier this week. Up till now, I've relied on electronic emails for my request but you know -- after all these years, it was about time I got with the times -- so I decided to concede. My search took a lot longer than it should have -- mainly because my girlfriend and I ended up doing some "window shopping" at BestBuy. We've got our eye on a new Samsung HD TV, which I am probably going to get around November 22 or so. After personally experiencing the visual excellence on HD, I am finding it difficult to live without the enhanced resolution.

It was good thing that I didn't give into impulses while we were there as there were urges to pick up a laptop right on the spot, though I wouldn't really put it to use until E3. Eventually...we got back to the original purpose why we were there in the first place: to buy the fax machine. Alas, all they had was those All-in-One combos (you know, the types that are integrate the scanner, printer, fax, coffee machine and toilet into one device). I wasn't interested in tossing away $90 bucks for something I already had, so we ended up heading to Staples.

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