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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 4

A return to normalcy, a forthcoming movie extravaganza, and a notice to our Gunstar giveaway artists. Warning: contains 70% jadedness.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
November 9th 2005, 02:00AM

Wouldn't it be great if you had the ability to predict disasters before they occurred? Imagine how many problems could be avoided if we all were clairvoyant.

So where am I going with all this? Well, earlier this week, I ended up having the misfortunate of a hard drive crash -- ultimately creating more headaches than I wish to tolerate during this time of year. Thankfully, most of the critical information like PR contacts, documents and such were able to be retrieved -- but it's going to take me a couple of days to get back into a regular groove.

It’s puzzling me how I ended up with hardware problems in the first place. SeaGate drives have been known to be one of the best brands out there (at least from what I've been told). Then one day, it decides to croak. And to make matters worse, it seems that I was also the victim of a deadly virus attack which corrupted my desktop -- preventing me from getting any work done.

I ended up taking the PC in to be looked at and came away with a new 120 GB Western Digital to replace my now defunct 40 gig. Without getting too much into specifics -- diagnostics, installation and data recovery took a bit over $200 bucks out of my pocket. Ugh. It's a damn good thing that my Xbox 360 was paid in advance long ago or I'd be calling for blood. No, wait -- I take that back -- I still want the heads of the evil pricks that launched an attack on me.

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