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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 4

A return to normalcy, a forthcoming movie extravaganza, and a notice to our Gunstar giveaway artists. Warning: contains 70% jadedness.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
November 9th 2005, 02:00AM
Dial B for Busy!

Anyways, nearly half the week has been wasted because of this and I am still swamped by the flood of games continually flowing onto my doorstep. Somehow, I intend on getting about 8 games covered within the next 2 - 3 weeks -- which in theory, isn't difficult -- except that I am juggling a 40-hour work schedule. Yeah – I am talking about the one that actually pays the bills and doesn't involve gaming.

So I finally got around to watching Episode III on DVD, although I've seen it enough times in the theatre (read: twice) that it's getting harder to watch it from beginning to end. That's quite a contrast from Batman Begins, a film which Dave recently conveyed skepticism about due to the lackluster flavor of past Bat-iterations. If you're in the same boat as him -- do me a favor and leave that type of thinking locked away and buy the DVD. Better yet -- get the Special Edition (which by the way for those of you wondering, I finally located), so you can appreciate how this awesome production came into being.

It's National Popcorn Month

No, not really, although it looks like I'll be spending a LOT more time with my PSP; not for the reasons you think. As you know, the site has dropped subtle hints of interest with the movie/UMD scene, leading to the gracious support of UMD movies knocking on my door. Just the other day, I received a dozen new movies from Lion's Gate Entertainment. Sadly though, they forgot to leave a calling card (literally), so I am at a loss for words how to get in touch with their PR division. I was really thrilled that this latest batch was from the horror realm. Sorry, but Jason, Micheal Myers and Freddy just don't do it for me. Give me action, comedy, drama -- hell, even Euro flicks would more love from me -- but no horror!!! If that makes me sound a bit unappreciative (since these provisions for the press), I apologize...

This space is reserved for a witty 360 caption

So, how many of you are anxious about the 360? C'mon -- don't front. I know for a fact a lot of you are really excited (probably the same ones entering those 'Win a 360 every 10 seconds' promotions), but just don't want to put out all that cash. $399 isn't exactly pocket change and frankly, I can't see every parent eager to reach into their wallets and purchase this for their kids. Y'know - while I've got mine paid off and all, I am really disappointed with the launch library. I mean -- damn, it's like the lineup got scaled back a lot. Let's review:

Tony Hawk American Wasteland: Not interested
Kameo: Elements of Power: Intrigued
Project Gotham Racing 3: Sweet, but I'd be much more thrilled if this were Burnout Revenge
Call of Duty 2: I suck at FPS, so this would probably be taken back to the stores in a matter of days.
GUN: If Jared's impressions were any indication, the game is poised to disappoint fans. Color me indifferent.
Perfect Dark Zero: Word has it that the game hasn't changed since that poor MTV presentation. C'mon Rare, you're starting to make me lose faith in your ability to create kickass games.
Dead or Alive 4 Babes graced with silicon that defy gravity + Itagaki’s godly vision of the ideal fighting game in 3D = instant purchase. Ok, that’s obviously laying the hyperbole on thick, but not everyone is buying the game for the same reasons. :p

Hm, now I think that's about it (at least, from what the store shelves at EB have been pimping), there isn’t too much I should be excited about. Ross has asked me more than a few times if I've known anything about the launch library to which I'd answer with a resounding 'no'. I dunno, perhaps it's just that I'd rather experience some surprises – and it looks like I wish was granted, albeit with a lesser incentive to invest. I know the system will eventually wow the masses, but it's difficult for me to convince those outside my buddy circle to take the plunge. Perhaps I should cash in that reservation money and get a laptop.

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