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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 6

Woe for the excessive 360 gushing.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
November 30th 2005, 03:15AM

On the first day, I spent some time with Ridge Racer 6, which...well, wasn't a fruitful experience as hoped. I was really excited at first, being a longtime fan of the series and hearing that the latest iteration was more or less like the PSP edition. However, outside influences got in the way; reports that Project Gotham Racing 3 was truly the spiritual next-gen awesomeness that demanded my attention. In a way, I was bummed out about this, since RR6 was actually a game I invested in, rather than a supplied product from PR channels.

The next day, I ended up picking up this "great" game and hours later, the proof revealed itself. Graphically, structurally...toss any type of adjective you want in there and PGR3 has it covered. It offers a solid balance between arcade and simulation; it's packed with chockfull of race levels and vehicles to unlock and most's a whole lot of fun. It's going to be awhile before I become a total driving badass, but thankfully it offers different tiers that accommodate players according to their skill level. For now, I am intermediate at best. Time...I just need time to become a master.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is another great gem, and in case you're wondering -- yes, I LOVE racing games. I chalk it up to the fact I drive so much now. Funny thing is, I will always drive better than I am racing. Anyways, for the longest time, I couldn't warm up to any type of "underground" racing installment until Gamespy recently offered me an opportunity to evaluate the PSP edition. My thoughts basically remain the same for the 360, but on a much, much greater scale. You can check out my thoughts on it, here.

Currently, I own 11 titles in total, but haven't got around to spending time with Kameo in depth (played it for 15 minutes., but was impressed with what I experienced), Perfect Dark Zero isn't quite the killer FPS most may have expected, but the high-def visuals are definitely in full effect. I really love the story and it's got a cool enough dynamic and story development that I almost want to run out and pick up an N64 to complete the circle.

I also have King Kong, Condemned, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (I want to part with this badly since I suck at these type of games), Quake 4 and GUN. Yeah... that's quite a selection I've got there, don't I? But as I said, finding the time to sit and play for hours is a challenge in itself. Not to mention that each game is packed with its own selection of achievements that other gamers can use as a measuring tool to determine how they stack up against your personal performance. This will be a huge driving force to get many to play there games as you rack up the points, but for me...unless they start handing out cash for being the first to hit 20,000 points -- I plan on taking my sweet 'ol time savoring every game for what it is.

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