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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 7

Having problems with the 360? Reports around the web reveal that you're not alone.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 4th 2005, 04:50AM

While we all know the 360 is the latest talk of the town, it's also that latest platform to be guilty of some unforunate first-generation woes. Since its launch on Nov. 22, there's been a steady increase of reports indicating all sorts of technical snafus that have left most owners grinding their teeth and ready to cast a pitchfork at the mighy Microsoft.

You may recall my recent post which focused on observations documented by Joystiq in which users were experiencing scratched discs while playing their units horizontally. Other websites however, suggested a disc could be damaged from being played vertically.

Well, just which is it? How could the system possibly get scratched regardless of its position.

Enter the latest unfortunate experience from, according to their own personal experience, moving your system while the disc is spinning can potentially damage your disc. I couldn't help but be a bit amused the first time they experienced this, only to tempt fate twice (the webmaster apparently wanted to take some screenshots) by moving the system while the game was running.

Foolish? Sure. But that doesn't explain the system's apparent lack of quality control. You'd expect the disc would be just a BIT more stable while it's running... this unforgiving movements during the boom of the portable disc player led to the advent of "no shock" technology. I'd say the 360 could benefit from this sort of feature too, but really, why the hell would someone bother shifting their system around while the damn thing is running?

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