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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 8

Find out how GN's editor-in-chief unwinds after the holiday craze.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
January 4th 2006, 04:47AM

So it's a new year and by now, some of you have realized that we haven't updated in a lick. Well, there's a good reason for that: we're on vacation. Don't worry -- it's only for another week. For most of us (myself in particular), I've been taking advantage of this "time off" to get back to something that is an important part of why this site exists: playing video games.

I know that sounds strange coming from me, since many likely have the impression that I play them on a regular basis. But if you've been following my recent columns, then you know all to well one of the biggest challenges is finding the time to juggling my personal hobbies and job-related related responsibilities without burning out. Truth be told, I did get a bit frustrated during the last two weeks of December, which taught me a valuable lesson that it pays to just kick back every so often to keep the sanity levels in check.

Getting back to the subject of games, I've been devoting a greater degree of attention to the Xbox 360. Currently my biggest challenge (besides playing every title in my collection) is unlocking the achievements in each game. Some games, like Ridge Racer 6 will take me weeks to get through because it's loaded with various goals like completing obtaining all the machine classes or winning a race without nitro. Then you have Call of Duty 2 which awards you a modest number of points for completing levels on the hardest difficulty setting. I figure that they can't be all THAT difficult, especially given the fact a few on my Friends List including our very own Ross Fisher has completed every achievement with ease.

Color me envious.

So far, the only titles which I've come close to completing everything is Madden 06 and NBA 2K6. Give me another month or so and I promise you that I'll have a more respectable progress report. Hmm, that reminds me, I still need to pick up and play Kameo again since this title gives a ton of points for different objectives in the game.

Now while all these titles hold a special place in my heart, none of them have proven to be quite as addictive as Dead or Alive 4, the highly anticipated 3D fighter released last week on 360. I must admit in the beginning, I had some reservations about bothering with it. You see, I was never particularly great in 3D games aside from the Toshinden and Tobal series. And when it came to Tekken, well, I was biased towards that too -- calling it nothing more than a button masher's dream come true. Of course, several years later, I know better.

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