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Bahn Unplugged: Volume 9

Guess who's back? Back again...

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
March 2nd 2006, 11:40PM

Dead or Alive 4 is not serious business

So about that matter of rank: it's really sad to see that some players out there are so rank-conscious. While I do confess that at one point, I fell into that same category, reality brought me back to my senses. These days, all I care about is spending some wholesome time kicking butt with those on my Friends List. I even took advantage of that controversial SS glitch just to get the achievement out of the way and be done with it. There are some out there who look at this as dishonorable, but c'mon folks -- this is a game we're talking about. What really bugs me more is players who get schooled or just can't handle a loss and abuse the feedback feature. Like, there was one ocassion where I met a player who unjustly gave me negative feedback and accused me of quitting early when it he was in fact, responsible for terminating the session. I had been in mid-combo when the game just mysteriously locked up. I sent several private messages to him along with another invite, but to no avail.

So can you play anything else?

Changing gears for a bit, as I have actually played other games besides DOA4 -- any of you tried Full Auto? For those of you who love Burnout and Twisted Metal may want to give it a try. While I can't justify the $60 price tag, it's easy to pick up and is quite a blast to play online. Achievements are super EASY to get. SUPER EASY. You can get about a half dozen achievements within 15 minutes. I am not too fond of the car physics, they just feel wacky and unlike Need for Speed: Most Wanted, there isn't an option to configure things like the weight, suspension and acceleration. Yeah, I am picky. Come next week, since I am about 90% complete with the game, it's getting traded for the 360 version of Burnout Revenge.

Well, I think that I'll stop here and will continue the rest of this musing sometime later in the week. I'll chat about my adventures with Star Wars: Empire at War, thoughts of the Microsoft Origami, and whatever else I can think of.

- Fin

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