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Article by Valerie Hilgenfeldt (Email)
September 11th 2008, 08:16PM

Rock Revolution

Once Konami announced Rock Revolution, I steadied my anxious heart. Considering my adoration of their Bemani series, and my understanding their adherence to a "cover songs only" policy, I wanted to dream. It was nice to believe in their promise to create the best peripherals and have the most engaging song list, and to imagine that Konami was really just a sleeping beast that would finally wake to defend its domain.

Come E3, things had changed. They revealed that Rock Revolution would not have a full set of Konami-crafted instruments, but would only feature their new drum kit. No vocal component would be present, and that was another mark against it. Looking on the positive side of things, no official guitar meant that players could use their favorite flavor (be it Les Paul, Stratocaster, or other), and the unique drum kit was interesting.

When I tested it out in Konami's booth, it alienated me at first with its relatively compact design and unexpected pad placement. What left an impact on me was the unit's solid feel. The rattle of the Rock Band kit wasn't present, and once I grew comfortable with its layout, I could smack Konami's drums on Expert without fear of causing damage. There wasn't any reason to hit it harder than necessary, as it was perfectly responsive, but testing its structural integrity was enjoyable and left me impressed in the end.

What wasn't as enthralling were the quality of its cover songs, and this doesn't mark the first time they've disappointed me. They were borderline acceptable, and quashed my hope for a bevy of well-performed, otherwise unattainable covers. Heck, I should've known that after watching the Sheenas perform during Konami's E3 Press Conference.

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