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Battle of the Band Games

Who rocks your living room hardest?

Article by Valerie Hilgenfeldt (Email)
September 11th 2008, 08:16PM

And the Winner Is...

The contender whom I've put all my money on is Rock Band 2. Due to Guitar Hero being a household name, there is a very real chance that GH:WT will outsell RB2, but it won't necessarily deserve those numbers. Its look is the same ol' uninspired style we've dealt with from Guitar Hero III onward, the game itself isn't very flexible (unlike RB2's excellent system), and Activision's stubborn approach to inter-compatibility for products and songs alike isn't comforting.

What may attract a lot of would-be composers to Guitar Hero: World Tour is its song composition mode, something which RB2 and RR lack. Harmonix isn't hurting for experience in that arena, but they likely understand that only the most hardcore of players – those who are both dedicated and musically gifted – are going to craft attention-grabbing pieces. Furthermore, it's going to be a burdensome online feature for Activision to support, and one only wonders if they'll be overwhelmed when Guitar Hero: World Tour debuts to the tune of a few thousand, fan-made, and altogether intimidating anime theme song renditions. It's a fun feature, but how many of us are really going to use it? Come on, be honest.

I'd like to say I have higher hopes for Rock Revolution, but with the questionable quality of the game itself (despite the fine feel of its drum peripheral), I can't. I didn't believe it had a good chance back when I previewed it, and I don't feel any differently now. It's too bad, really. I wanted to see you on top, Konami. Once the king of the mountain, you've been the underdog for a while now, and I like those sorts of fighters, usually. You've disappointed me. I wanted more.

At least Rock Band 2 is all set to give me everything I've yearned for, and then some. Now, who are you going to bet on?

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