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Candice Shane's Just Saying

With the holidays coming up, Candice relays her current obsessions and future plans for both gaming and the cinema.

Article by Candice Shane (Email)
November 9th 2005, 08:34PM

Can you believe there are so few days until Christmas? I know, the number is still in the forties, but that's a little over a month until it's all said and done. Hell, I'm freaking out that Thanksgiving is all but upon us and then I've got the added dread of Christmas? Someone should've thought this all out before they put two holidays so close together.

However, there are some good points to the holiday season and for that, I am quite hopeful that everything will pan out in my favor. Of course, there are the obvious quirks to what videogames are released and then the lovely array of movies that will be coming out over the next two months. One, that I'm particularly wanting to see is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I've been dying to see that since the second I stepped out of the theater where the first trailer played. I admit to a disgustingly sordid obsession with Harry Potter and yes, before you ask, I am seeking help for it.

Gamewise, I'm going to be covering quite a bit and I hate daring into that territory here because you already know when my reviews are out. So what's the point of babbling on about it here? I do have to talk about one thing that I've noticed since starting here at Got-Next, and that's a very sensitive issue with me so far.

I have too many PC game boxes on my desk at the moment for my liking. I know, how dreadful, but hear me out! I have a wicked case of clinical OCD, so when I sit at the desk and start to pull the keyboard towards me, I take notice of little things all over it. How the game boxes are displayed, which are next to the one speaker on the right and then I have to adjust my big red dragon that perches on my subwoofer... as you can see, it gets way too chaotic. I've been told to clear these things off my desk, but I'd soon have to find things to put in the spaces. That's just how I am. I'm in love with right angles.

Now that you got a piece of my neurosis, let me bitch about something trivial. I have things to do on a certain console that I don't own. Made plans about this console, told everyone I'd have it and I don't. There. I'm done bitching. It's just how I do things, vague and uninteresting and then I drift you off topic so that you've no clue I even mentioned a word.

Speaking of consoles, I wonder just how many of our readers are going to be lining up to recieve their console bundles for the Xbox 360. I wonder just how many people are going to boot that thing up a month from buying it and hear the obnoxious death rattle of a man with terminal flatulence. Maybe Microsoft will surprise me and release a product without too many issues and free of from-the-plant problems that the first build of the Xbox was so addled with. Seemingly though, fans forget the problems and look only to the future of the gaming world and that's just what Bill Gates hopes for. So keep your chins up and eyes towards the skies, gamers!

And that about wraps up my little blog for awhile. I'll be coming back with a close-up and hopefully get some news out there to the masses now that I've got a break from reviewing (until Bahn sends me more). Catch you cats later!

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