Classic Gaming Expo '05 Feature - The Next Level

Classic Gaming Expo '05

Our very own retro enthusiast checks out several blasts from the past.

Article by James Cunningham (Email)
May 24th 2005, 08:57PM

The Classic Gaming Expo set up shop in Kentia Hall again at this year's E3. The arcade games were all set to free play, and their classic action provided a great counterpoint to the chaos in the other halls. Games such as Robtoron, a sit-down vector graphics Star Wars machine, Pengo, Scramble, Bosconian, Juno First, and many more earned their space on the show floor by being constantly played.

In addition to the arcade games, there was a display of classic consoles ranging from well known to incredibly obscure, all displayed on tables where people could actually touch them. (Anyone who says you don't see with your hands is an idiot, by the way.) Vectrex, Commodore 64, Intellivision in both computer and console format, 3DO, Neo Geo CD, and on and on and on. There's a thrill to be had in actually touching a console that one had only seen pictures of or heard about, taking them out of the realm of things seen in a magazine and turning them into real objects, machines that people really owned and gamed on. There were a few rarities behind glass as well, including the Atari Cosmos. According to the box, it was a "Programmable Game System Featuring Atari's New Three-Dimensional Holoptic Images". Yes, they had holoptics back then in that golden age of gaming.

This was the second year the Classic Gaming Expo had appeared at E3. Judging from show-goers reactions to the arcade games, the console displays, and the hosted performance of the band 8-bit Weapon, they would be a very welcome addition to E3's regular lineup.

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