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Classic Gaming Expo 2005: Tribute to Yesteryear

An annual expo where the classics come out and play.

Article by Ken Horowitz (Email)
June 9th 2005, 09:06PM

Between purchases, you can head over to the Classic Arcade, which boasts dozens of restored hits from the past, all set on free play! Most of the games haven't been available for years in some areas, and you'll be amazed at what they have (I want their Star Wars deluxe cab). The amount of love and care that goes into transporting the machines from all over the country and setting them up is staggering, showing just how serious the organizers take the show.

The CGE Museum is another great attraction, with over a thousand items on display. You might have seen it at E3 last month. It was the second straight year they've been there, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Anything and everything you can think of is there for you to gawk at. This year's E3 even had a Sega Neptune prototype! Yes, the fellows over at Digital Press really know how to put on a show and have done a spectacular job with it.

If that isn't enough to get you interested, how about auctions of rare games and prototypes? Still need more? Live music from bands like the Minibosses and 8-bit Weapon set the atmosphere nicely, and the tournaments are your chance to show that all those years you spent on Galaga weren't wasted. There's even a swap meet for you to trade or sell your own wares with other enthusiasts. How about now?

If all this classic gaming goodness isn't enough to get you humming Pac-Man Fever, then you might be interested in attending the multiple conferences held throughout the expo. In the past, industry greats like Nolan Bushnell and Don Bluth have all presented, and the insight they give about their time in gaming is something that must be experienced to be believed. Hear their tales, take pictures, get autographs; there's plenty of fun to be had!

To be honest, I actually get more excited about the Classic Gaming Expo than E3 sometimes. The sheer amount of dedication and enthusiasm involved in such an undertaking is a refreshing change from the corporate free-for-all that the modern shows have become. There's just something about having decades of gaming history all brought together in one place, even if it's for only a weekend. It's almost surreal.

For more information about the Classic Gaming Expo, head on over to their web site and get the run down. This year should be the biggest yet, and it only gets better from here.

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