Cold Fear Developer Diary #2 Feature - The Next Level

Cold Fear Developer Diary #2

Cold Fear's development staff Cyrille Combes, Arnaud Barros and Nicolas Castaing discuss programming, level design and more.

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January 12th 2005, 10:10PM

The Enemies in Cold Fear: Cyrille Combes, AI Programmer

I developed some entities in the game, like the ExoMutant and the mercenaries, but I also worked on the weapons codes. From the beginning, our objective was to differentiate ourselves by providing aggressive and fast monsters that would put the player under pressure. Our objective in Cold Fear is to convey the fear through in-game action, putting the player in a state of shock.

The ExoMutants

Our work on the ExoMutants is based on aggressiveness and sudden behavioral changes. For example an ExoMutant will rush towards you with his weapon raised. Our objective was to emulate frantic human behavior rather than the slow movements of an undead. This is particularly evident in the strangle move.

ExoMutants: “Our objective was to transcript a frantic human behavior rather than a zombie”

Aggressive AI

The behavior of the ExoMutants is really aggressive and totally independent; so independent in fact that they do not only attack the player.

For instance, they’ll lose their focus on you in order to attack a nearby mercenary. The mercenary will have a volatile reaction. He will begin to shoot at every mutant, without differentiating between you and the mutant. Throughout the game, you will often witness fights between mutants and other entities. It is up to you to use the situation at your advantage. I’d suggest that you shoot at the enemies that are most numerous.

Mutants and mercenaries really hate each other.

Enemies allow many different combat situations. A mutant can suddenly rush towards you, so you may want to shoot it in the legs from far away to slow him down. The hosts can use many different weapons including a monkey wrench, knife, a hook, and even a firearm that has fallen to the ground.

As a result, combat is really fun. You can electrocute mutants by throwing them into electric devices propel them off the boat by shooting them with a shotgun or throw them to the sea using the shotgun. The mutants become unpredictable when caught in the flames of a flamethrower, spreading the fire and surrounding objects, potentially including you.

The ship also adds a level of unpredictability to the mutant’s behavior. A breaker or swaying cables can kill a mutant. Over 20 death animations provide an animation to fit every situation.

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