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Dance Dance Immolation Report

Dance Dance Revolution goes ablaze in one scary event.

Article by Jared Rea (Email)
August 11th 2005, 05:20AM

As a testament to the beast developed by Interpretive Arson, I can honestly say that adventuring into the seedy, industrial areas of West Oakland wasn’t the scariest thing I did this weekend. It was witnessing a creation unlike anything the gaming world has seen before; Konami’s popular dance series, Dance Dance Revolution being taken to the next level. Much like Bungie’s Jason Jones would tell you, the only thing that can possibly take what people love to an insane height worthy of astonishment is by setting it on fire. The Dance Dance Immolation team did just that; they set the whole bloody thing on fire.

Utilizing a customized version of the PC simulator Stepmania and inspired by a late night instant messenger conversation, the concept of Dance Dance Immolation is just as simple as it’s source material. Donning a fully aluminized proximity suit, complete with a forced-air respirator system, the hapless dancing victims go about their dancing business much like you would in the arcade or at home. Only this time you have to worry about being blasted in the face by a gigantic flame thrower for missing a step, while performing well causes fire to shoot above the screen in celebration. The result is something that is just as fun to watch as I’m sure it’s both horrifying and entertaining to play.

The team at Interpretive Arson held their first beta event since their showing at the 2005 Fire Arts Festival this past weekend at the NIMBY Workshop and the end results were a bit mixed. While my companions and I were ecstatic that the promised barbeque was well in play, the game itself was most definitely not. With a scheduled start time of 8:00PM, the project itself was not up and running until roughly 11:00PM at night, much to the displeasure of most of the attendees. The event, while plagued with several delays and problems (The game actually crashed while conducting my interview) was made much more bearable by the performances of various fire artists in attendance. As soon as the sun set, fire dancers, breathers and a variety of performers took center stage and filled the gaps between dance pad malfunctions and other technical problems.

Problems aside, I had myself a great time risking my life by not only setting foot in West Oakland, but also by being around more fire than that time my neighbors house caught fire. For those of you who are in the Bay Area and are interested in checking out this clashing of hellfire and disco dancing, the team behind DDI will be hosting these events every weekend leading up to the infamous Burning Man festival to be held on August 29th. For more info, please contact Morley.

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