Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Feature - The Next Level

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

Actually, it's more of a "feet on" rather than a hands on...

Article by Louie Tran (Email)
May 19th 2005, 08:41AM

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix adds to the new line of Mario games that were featured at the show. Mario Mix is just like any other DDR game except it has Nintendo's own tracks to dance to and you can select from a variety of colorful background environments from the world of Mario.

DDR veterans will enjoy the difficult settings of the game with the fast paced dance rythms. However, intermediate players will find that the Normal setting is too easy and the level above that a bit too hard. There's also a bunch of other tracks and mini games to unlock so there is definitely some decent replay value to this game.

The game will come bundled with a dance mat.

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