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Dungeon Siege II: The Azunite Prophecies: Part Four

New month...a new prophetic message revealed.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 23rd 2004, 12:55AM

Sometimes, even the bravest and wise adventurers need a bit of an edge. With the arrival of Dungeon Siege II drawing closer, we’ve uncovered the third of several Azunite Prophecies. In a world of mystery and intrigue, one should be prepare for the unexpected. Have a look...

Historical note: The following fragment from the Scrolls of the Agallan Foothills refers to no known figure in the First Age, and so is intriguing, as it may well be a prophecy of contemporary events. This is nebulous from a scholarly perspective; what may seem like a clear fulfillment of prophecy in one era is likely to be eclipsed by an equally compelling event in another. Nonetheless, the "weapon of the Unmaker" reference is clearly a nod to Zaramoth's lost sword, and so provides us with one objective criterion to watch for, now and in times to come.

-- Bidelia of Aman’lu

Dispersed power is not lost. That which was shattered shall be collected.

The force that raises the weapon of the Unmaker shall have no rival. The army it rouses shall be driven by fear of it, and by the blood lust of the wielder.

Lust for blood shall meet lust for gold. The avaricious shall join the fearful, and the army shall overwhelm the land. The swarm of goldmongers shall find their reward stained with blood.

Puzzles shattered, puzzles sought; pieces of the puzzle shall lie in sanctuary.

The swarm shall not know of the pieces, or of their power.

Sanctuaries will be defiled.

Power will be collected.

We'll be back next month for another prophetic release, courtesy of Microsoft Game Studios. Dungeon Siege II is scheduled to ship in Spring 2005.

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