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E3 2005: Eyes-On Impressions II

A second round of covering the massive E3 video featurettes.

Article by Ken Horowitz (Email)
May 23rd 2005, 07:26PM

Killzone 2 (Playstation 3)

What am I seeing here? Is this an intro or is it gameplay footage? Those were my initial thoughts as the video started, and as soon as that rifle appeared and things established themselves in a first-person perspective, my mind began to run wild. If this was indeed what Killzone 2 plays like, I might very well be inclined to hock a kidney for that PS3 bundle at launch. Seemless and oh-so pretty, the frantic action that you're thrust into just screams killer app from the get-go. I know there's still some debate as to just whether or not this footage was of the game itself in action, but I have a feeling that we're all going to be pleasantly surprised when this monster ships.

Gears of War (Xbox 360)

So, another gritty soldier in a hellish future battles monsters and other nasties in a first-person perspective. Ordinarily, I would probably be inclined to turn my attention elsewhere after about ten seconds, but there's something about this one that's special. No, there's a bunch of stuff that make this one special. The physics are incredible, the use of cover finally does what games like Kill Switch set out to do, and the inclusion of online coop play makes me all warm inside. Why has it taken developers so long to finally realize that there are people who want to go coop when they play online? Thank you Epic Games!

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360)

I've heard some people complain that this looks just like Project Gotham Racing 2, only with shinier cars. They must not have seen the video. I have yet to see a racer that compares to this visually (yes, I said it) and if the gameplay makes the transition from Xbox intact, this could very well be the game that makes me an early adopter. The original was magificent and the sequel took enough of my time to put my marriage in jeopardy (kidding), so I have the highest of expectations for this latest installment. I just hope we get more downloadable content this time. And Bizarre Creations, organize the downloadable cars by class this time, please!

Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA)

What else can I say about this? I've been gushing all over it over at Sega-16, and it's quite honestly, in my top five of most anticipated titles at E3. Classic, 2D Gunstar goodness on the last true 2D system? Sign me up. Sure, they've taken away the ability to combine weapons, but the separate paths for both Red and Blue more than make up for it. I really want to see just how far Treasure can push the GBA hardware, if only to prove that there's a lot of life left in this generation.

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