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E3 2005: Eyes-on Impressions

Zelda, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, and Elder Scrolls E3 video impressions, oh my!

Article by Rich Marshall (Email)
May 18th 2005, 04:32AM

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Stunning. As expected, the new Legend of Zelda game will contain a gloomy and much darker theme, which is a welcomed step back after the horror that was hours of sea traveling in Wind Waker. Totally unexpected, however, it seems as though there is a new playable character in Twilight Princess to compliment Link. One can only guess that Zelda will be this new hooded playable character, considering the game's title, but I suppose we'll have to wait a little while longer to find out.

No more are the boats of yesterday, and welcomed back is Link's trusted horse for travel. Environments seem lush, detailed, and beautiful while character models are very unique and, although a little out of place considering the darker theme of Twilight Princess, look as though they'll fit right in. Combat when controlling Link seems much of the same which, personally, is a definite positive. Why mess with perfection, eh? Combat with the new character is a little different, but not enough was shown for me to form any real opinion. Also, an odd little thing I noticed: Link's huffs and puffs during combat are exactly the same as they were in Ocarina of Time.

Call of Duty 2

I admit I live and breathe Call of Duty (PC) and one of the things I look forward to most is Call of Duty 2 for, naturally, the PC. Then E3 hit us with an Xbox 360 video of Call of Duty 2. Wow. I don't think it's settled in quite yet just how powerful these next generation systems will be. Combat looks to change little, and quite frankly, that doesn't really annoy me when it looks this good. Activision could have remade the original for Xbox 360 and I would have probably been satisfied, but this is just so much more. Weather and smoke effects are simply awesome, and death animations actually seem fluid. Urban combat seems to be more of a theme for the sequel, and as such, sandbags and doorways will become a soldier's best friend. I look forward to some inner city World War II ass kicking.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Admittedly, I own most of the Metal Gear Solids and have never played any of them, but news of them seems to spark my interest every year. Personally, the most exciting aspect of Subsistence is the new free-roaming third-person camera. Online play is a huge plus. With the dawn of Xbox Live, online play has taken up most of my gaming time and with an online mode in Subsistence, I'll probably finally get around to playing a Metal Gear Solid. Although a Secret Theater with various videos parodying MGS3 is present, it will fall upon deaf ears as, I've said, I've never played MGS3. Finally, new is the Duel mode, allowing Snake to relive Snake Eater's boss encounters either exactly or with various alterations available. If the E3 video is of any indication, this will be the Metal Gear Solid that will get me to play Metal Gear Solid. (Looks like I need to catch up on a story)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I love The Elder Scrolls. Oblivion looks to set an even higher standard for Western RPGs, and the video didn't even show anything. Nothing more than environments and seconds worth of battle was shown at E3, but alas, just that little bit bumped this up from "this is going to be awesome" status to "OMG I can't wait for this to take away 300 hours of my life" status. Needless to say, Oblivion is beautiful. Sexy and sleak graphics seem to be the theme of E3 and I just can't believe how far we've advanced in only a decade.

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