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E3 2005: Heidi Unplugged

Brace yourself for the most direct E3 wrap-up report ever.

Article by Heidi Kemps (Email)
June 1st 2005, 04:07AM

Well, yet another E3's come and gone, and for me, it's the same feeling as always... God I'm glad it's over, yet I'm full of regret and feeling like I still have so much more territory yet to cover. So many games and people, never enough time!

In the tradition of previous years, I'm going to go over my memorable show highlights and random thoughts.

Press Conferences:

Sony: Sony were snooty and picky with journalist admissions again this year, so I'll say it sucked just out of principle. But yeah, it's obvious a lot of their tech demos were prerendered, especially Killzone...

Microsoft: Underwhelming. I mean, we all know the Xbox 360 is a powerful system, and that XBox Live is a great service with a ton of potential, but the mind boggles at the stuff they chose to present as demos. Most of the stuff was pre-rendered concept reels, and the few actual games they demoed were awful tripe like Kameo. Seriously, most of this stuff only looked a step or two above what we've got now in our current XBs, only with god-awful framerates. And the Squenix support announcement? Nice, but nothing that we weren't suspecting by this point. The Killers concert at the party was pretty cool, though.

Nintendo: after the disaster that was 2003, Nintendo's shaped up its act and given us some highly entertaining press events these past two years. Besides Zelda, which is always a crowd-pleaser, we're guaranteed some antics involving Satoru Iwata, the tough-talking but undeniably awesome Reggie, and of course Miyamoto himself. Perhaps the most unintentionally amusing bit was when Miyamoto's dog started getting a bit too friendly with the other puppy in the Nintendogs demo. Even if it was unintentional, it was undoubtedly amusing. Although the Revolution is still shrouded in mystery, the announcements that were made about the platform proved to both satiate our need for info and leave us salivating for more.

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