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Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
June 8th 1999, 04:00PM

"Here comes a new challenger!" Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

The Second Impact tournament took place on the second and final day of the ECC4 event. Sixty three players entered the tournament. Among the participants, were some of my personal friends from Chinatown, NY who were acknowledging their pact as Team CF. In addition, the widely known players: Jason Cole, David Spence, Alex Valle, and John Choi entered the competition. The heat wasn't the only thing intense as their were a number of excellent matches I personally found entertaining.

Team CF showed off their skills during the opening tournament matchups as John Pulizzi from Chinatown, NY demonstrated his unique skill of Ken Masters vs. Choi's own Denjin Ryu. John acknowledged that he doesn't play the series to often, to quote him: "Man, I suck in this game" took the first match with his solid offensive and defensive skills. Pulizzi, who initially looked a tad nervous returned for the rematch tweaking his gameplay and tieing up the series 1-1. The crowd looked on anxious to see who would win the tie-breaking match. Looking more confident, Pulizzi came away with several offensive attacks, mainly a lot of kicks and an occasional fireball or two. I think I speak for all when I say that many spectators found this be a very interesting match. I certaintly felt it was a noteworthy hightlight in my opinion. :)

Other matches,..which also consisted of Team CF (they actually held the top tier for a considerable period), Charlie Wong showed off his Elena skills against a number of opponents. While John Gordon unleashed his own style of Sean and Ryu Denjin finesse. Naturally of course, Eddie Lee showed off his Ibuki 'unlimited' combo strings. David Spence, who personally told me he wasn't too polished with the 2i series shocked me with his Necro skills. They reminded me of a psudeo-Sim style. Keep at it Dave, Third Strike can be in your threshold. ^_^

The matches towards the middle portion of the 2i tournament appeared to thin out, and unfortunately, so did my attention spasm as I sat in between both machines. Thanks to Todd for the beverage which kept me going. Eventually, players began to be eliminated, including Team CF. I honestly expected one player, Juan Gonzalez not to make the Semi-finals, but he pulled through. Amazingly, Juan moved to Akuma and managed to take out John Gordon knocking him out of the tournament in the chance to take one of the top 3 winning spots for the 2i tourney. By this time, Eddie, Pulizzli, Valle, and a small handful of players had remained.

I didn't return until late, when it was reported to me that Valle and Eddie were the final two players that battled it out for the Second Impact title for ECC4 99. Eddie chose Ibuki, while Valle moved from his Denjin Ryu to Akuma! A few shocked faces became perplexed as they watched Akuma take down the ninja with similar moves Juan Gonzalez pulled off in the Semi Finals. Although Eddie did manage to pull off a few Hasin supers, it wasn't enough to win the victories he needed. Valle came away with the victory, making him the 2i Champ. Eddie Lee placed 2nd place, and Juan Gonzalez took 3rd.

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