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ECC4 Report

Go for broke.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
June 8th 1999, 04:00PM

Notes: At this point...I took off, but it was reported to me that despite how much attention CT players brought to themselves. They certainly held their own. One noteworthy mention is the 11yr old player known as Rod showed again that age should not be compared to overall gaming potential as he kicked around a number of players during the preliminary practice matches and during the tournament itself. As for Hyper Fighting, Super Turbo, and Alpha 2...I was off covering the 2i report and was unable to cover both tournaments as they were running two tournaments at the same time. Upon receiving new updates, I'll have more details as to what actually went down in my absence. :)

"Continue?" Final Comments

For my first semi-national tournament, I came away from ECC4 quite enthusiastic and satisfied. This event showed that although competition is purely a variable in the tournament structure, it's not without a great degree of entertainment and interaction with other seasoned players (and new ones). Many surprises, and lots of significant highlights came up throughout the entire period that ECC4 went on making the entire event a memorable experience. And even though West Coast considers the East Coast to be 'owned' or 'Rocknation', we certainly can all agree that the matches were entertaining, if not intriguing. There was a considerable level of sportsmanship between all players, East and West Coast players alike. I found this to be quite respectful and honorable, since supposedly both regions are rumored to detest each other. But we all had a great time, and anxiously await a future national tournament. Here's to a new frontier at what we may be acknowledging soon as, ECC 2000.

Special thanks to those which assisted in compiling this report:Todd Dwyer, Danny Lopez, John Choi, Thao Duong, and the RC Cola that helped me get through the day. Some hightlights were excerpts from the newsgroups. Here's to looking forward to another exciting ECC next year! ^_^ Look for more reports on ECC4 to surface on TNL, 8 on the Break and GameFan Online.

Tournament Final Results

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 115 players * Alex Valle (Westminster, CA)
* Thao Duong (Orange County, CA)
* Amir Amirsaleh (New York, NY)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - 78 players * John Choi (Sunnyvale, CA)
* Gary Vialdo (Virginia Beach, VA)
* Seth Killian (Champaign, IL)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - 78 players * David Sirlin (Sunnyvale, CA)
* Thao Duong (Orange County, CA)
* Mike Cheng (Edison, NJ)

Street Fighter 3: Second Impact - 63 players * Alex Valle (Westminster, CA)
* Eddie Lee (Queens, NY)
* Juan Gonzalez (Houston, TX)

Hyper Fighting - 48 players * John Choi (Sunnyvale, CA)
* Jesse Howard (Minneapolis, MN)
* Jason Cole (Sunnyvale, CA)

# Marvel VS Capcom - 78 players Eddie Lee (Queens, NY)
# Roberto Aponte (Trumbull, CT)
# Alex Valle (Westminster, CA)

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