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Far Cry Instincts -- The Specimens

Meet the freaks of nature.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
August 18th 2005, 06:23AM

Earlier this week, Ubisoft launched an official website dedicated to the upcoming Far Cry Instincts game shipping September 27. In case you haven't been doing your homework, it's an Xbox exclusive created from the ground up. Rather than take up space to discuss the game in detail, we recommend that you spend some quality time at the portal. Actually, we're here to offer you an ongoing report dedicated to different elements of Far Cry Instincts. This week, we're taking a look at the Specimens. They're well, mutated freaks -- the type of creatures you really don't want to go up against unless you're packin some serious heat. Want a closer look?

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Aberration Sapper [click image to enlarge]

Kamikaze Crazy - The Sapper is the equivalent to the Japanese suicide airplanes for Far Cry Instincts. They will take a mad dash towards there target in an effort to explode their strapped fragmentation grenades. The attack causes their weak chests to cede, thus releasing a large amount of corrosive fluid in addition to the explosion.

Aberration Freak [click image to enlarge]

Freaky Naughty - The Aberration Freak is a failed experiment. This mix-mash of humanoid beings includes some of the ugliest armless, legless “freaks” that have ever existed.

Chucker [click image to enlarge]

Brute Force - The Chucker is a powerful territorial force of nature that will become enraged with any intruder. His overly developed right arm allows him to throw extremely heavy and damaging items towards his foe.

Quite a bunch, wouldn't you say? We'll be back with another round of Far Cry Instincts content very soon. In the meantime, have a look at the rest of our awesome high-res screenshot gallery below. Start counting the days, it won't be long before we're all crying tears of joy.

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