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Final Fantasy: Advent Children Highlights

All-new images and a full-length feature trailer inside.

Article by Kevin Cameron (Email)
May 23rd 2005, 03:57PM

Square Enix's biggest push at E3 2005 had to be the Final Fantasy VII Compilation set. Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerebus were all shown as part of the company's lineup. Yet by far the most anticipated of the compilation was Advent Children. Little is known about the story; taking place two years after the events from Final Fantasy VII, a mysterious illness is infect people of the world. Midgar is in ruins, and Cloud returns from his life of solitude to reunite with new friends and face familiar foes.

Expect Advent Children to release to DVD on September 14, 2005 on DVD, followed by a UMD release shortly thereafter. The 90-minute movie is shaping up to be quite breath-taking - so until September rolls around, please enjoy these pics and the trailer!

Watch the trailer! (Quicktime plug-in required)

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