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First Look: Hardcore Gamer Magazine

This Spring, an all-new video game publication emerges. Get an official sneak peek, inside.

Article by Tim Linquist (Email)
February 20th 2005, 07:36AM

It has been several years since I last worked on a gaming magazine and I have really begun to miss it. Lately I’ve been doing strategy guides and packaging work as DoubleJump Publishing, and I enjoy that a lot. But I started to think that I’d really like to start a new magazine and get back to my roots – something that had that old GameFan spirit — a magazine made by gamers, for gamers. But this time I’d be in charge, so there wouldn’t be any of that crazy drama that was always going on behind the scenes at past magazines (yeah, right! One can dream, no?). Well anyway, I’ve gone and done it. I gathered up some old friends and found some new talent and we are all currently in the middle of production on a new enthusiast publication, Hardcore Gamer Magazine.

The magazine will make its debut this spring, and we plan to give away free issues of HGM to the core gaming community. We know everyone loves free stuff so we’re making it quick and easy for folks to get the HGM goods and we’re making sure what we present is the best product that we can make.

We realize that content and quality is key, and that is why we have assembled a talented staff of recognized industry veterans who bring over 25 years of combined print journalism experience to the table. While DoubleJump Publishing is a relatively new company, I’m one of the same folks who started GameFan Magazine back in 1992 and many other print magazines in the years since. Also along for the duration is Greg Off, another GameFan founder who has been working on the print media side of the industry since the early ‘90s. Greg will lend his skills by doing the thing he is most experienced in doing as the Editor-in-Chief of HGM. As if that weren’t enough, the person in charge of artwork and illustration is Terry Wolfinger, who was the man behind the look of GameFan — the one who drew more than 60 of their covers and countless illustrations within. In addition, we have handpicked our editorial and art staff to reflect our vision of delivering new products and ideas to the marketplace. We’ll introduce the rest of the staff with bios in the magazine.

With so many of us being former GameFan creators, you might expect to see a little bit of that old feeling in what we’re doing with HGM. However, we’re not looking to recreate an old magazine, we’re inventing a new one to fill the void which exists in the gaming magazine industry today. We are confident that we will strike a chord with those of you who want a magazine which caters to the things you enjoy most about gaming. We are passionate, we are committed and our entire staff has two other things in common — we truly love games and we enjoy writing about them.

Please take a few moments to go over the sample content which is a sneak peak at some of the things we plan to include in the first issue. Tell us what you think. You can visit our official message boards to give your feedback directly at, where we will listen and talk to you to make sure we do it right. If we are to succeed it will only be because you demand it.


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