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Game Poets Society: Volume One

GotNext presents a new column dedicated to a new gaming indie site.

Article by Game Poets Society (Email)
August 18th 2006, 05:00AM

For many, fanfiction is currently seen as the only popular method to extrapolate concepts from video games in a literary sense. It was about nearly a year ago when two gaming enthusiasts came up with a unique concept to establish a more unique method in the form of poetry.

While many lay claim to casually expressing themselves in this format, there exist even fewer who've actually took the necessary steps to create a foundation to express their passion of a growing gaming culture. The maxim of the Game Poets Society is to take this void in gaming culture and filling it with their own unique written works.

GotNext recognizes the importance of innovative ideas, which is why we're proud to offer our readers a select content, courtesy of GPS. Each month, we'll be bringing you two poems to enjoy. Note that each poem is an "unfinished piece" and GPS invites you to comment constructively (praise is naturally welcome, but honest critique is preferred). What we offer is poetry from two talented video game poets.

GPS hopes to inspire discussion with each poem and form a community that will ultimately advance the progress of video game literature.

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