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Gear: Neoya X2VGA Adapter

PC quality visuals without pricy video cards.

Article by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
July 7th 2005, 10:27PM


That's the one great advantage that high definition television owners have over those us still making due with s-video, or even...ugh composite connections. While it won't make bad games suddenly play better, it will make most of them look better, with sharper detail at a higher resolution. There also people with a comfy setup for PC games that they don't want to leave just for the occasional Halo 2 match. That's why they invented VGA adaptors.

My memories of getting a VGA adaptor for the Dreamcast are still as vivid and clear as the picture was, rocketing my way through Jet Grind Radio, or giving it a little tilt for an extended Ikaruga session. Dreams of tossing my TV in the trash died when I discovered only about half the games actually supported this wonder box. So naturally my first test of Neoya's X2VGA for the Xbox had to be Jet Set Radio Future.

It was as if the game had exploded.

Sharply accentuated lines flowed among a sea of colors so clear and vibrant that it felt as if all my previous play sessions had been seen through a fish tank. PC games have always reveled in this sort of sharp clarity, but now console gamers can get the same quality from Xbox titles. The greens of Otogi 2 are so bright and deep it leaves the game behind and becomes a painting come to life. I've never been fortunate enough to play Outrun 2 in the arcades, but now I feel as if I have, with details so captivating I keep forgetting to turn. As for Panzer Dragon has to be seen to be believed.

Sadly, not all games are overwhelming. Titles like Mercenaries and Halo 2 barely show any difference from s-video, though that's hardly the fault of the X2VGA. Even if they all aren't overachievers in the visual department, every Xbox game in my collection displayed with no problems at all. There's even a special mode to get the non-progressive Xbox dash to show up. It's a little stretched and fuzzy, but more than gets the job done.

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