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Get This: Hardware Edition -- Ear Force AXT

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Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
January 18th 2006, 01:10AM

These headphones bring new meaning to the word, immersive. Finally, a third-party manufacturer has delivered a robust headset that's a lot less fragile and unlikely to break as the original XBL Communicator has been known for.

The packaging... just as durable as the peripheral itself.
Please make these things easier to open... :(

Your first impression will probably be based around the size; yes, they're huge, making you think that they couldn't possibly be comfortable. They are, and what's even more remarkable is the fact it does a remarkable job simulating the 5.1 Surround Sound experience. Unless you're an audiophile though, I doubt many of you will be able to tell the difference. The installation process is a simple, straightforward process: users can hook up the AXT Ear Force headset directly to their TV, VCR or via the console's A/V cables using the featured A/V input jacks. Unlike conventional third-party headsets, the AXT uses its own power supply. Sadly, the cord isn't very long, which means some of you, depending on your gaming setup, may have to give up sitting on the living room couch.

The AXT's striking a pose. Aren't they sexy?
And they feel good too.

I sampled the headphones with several Xbox 360 games (Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead or Alive 4) and marveled at the rich sound quality that came across loud and clear. A volume switch is also available for those who prefer to drown out all the outside noise around them. If you're a parent, I'd strongly recommend these for your kids, especially if they're the type to crank their sound systems to the highest level.

See those speakers? They're the reason for the remarkable 5.1
sound that will have a party with your ears.

If you can look past all the wires and the fact it's a bit on the pricey tip, the Ear Force AXT easily comes away as one of the best alternatives for the avid Xbox/360 online gaming community.

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