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Article by Candice Shane (Email)
October 5th 2005, 06:00AM

Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpocho: The Wind Chronicles)
Released by: ADV Films
Running Time: 94 minutes
Language: English
Directed by: Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Kevin Seymour
Available On: UMD, DVD, VHS

I find that when I'm really into a movie, book or videogame, it's due to the fact that I'm a sucker for underdogs and anti-heroes. Why? Because these are the people who are least expected to be in battle or perhaps even stumble upon danger but when they do, they save the day.

Ninja Scroll starts off with a lone Jubei wandering across a bridge in which he's pursued in hopes of understanding why he took such a small amount of gold for such a large job. You then come to understand that perhaps he's more of a realist and thusly, you get sucked in from the start. In a village not too far away, a plague seems to be flushing out the townsfolk and through a series of incidents, they come to find it's from a group of people. The Eight Devils of Kimon are responsible for the pestilence set upon the village and it's up to Jubei and Kagero, a member of the Koga Ninja, to take out the problems ahead.

From start to finish, Ninja Scroll has all the excitement and storyline that you'd expect from any truly amazing anime film. What sets it apart, however is the fact that there are no women who turn into robots and the film doesn't leave you confused when it ends. You understand the point, you get it and you watch it again, not to catch hidden meanings, but because it's so damned entertaining.

This is definitely a UMD for any Ninja Scroll fan and for people who enjoy an amazing story with beautiful animation and a lot of surrealistic action. This is definitely one to own and if you haven't seen it, you need to. Tell your local retailer that Candice sent you.

Screenshots courtesy of Artic Nightfall

Evil Dead
Released by: Renaissance Pictures
Running Time: 85 minutes
Language: English
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Available On: UMD, DVD

For all of you people who felt your PSP wasn't properly frightened enough, you can delight in introducing it to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead.

Evil Dead is the first and goriest of a series in which a trip to a cabin for five friends goes awful bad and not due to Smokey the Bear, either. While at their cabin, they happen upon a copy of the Necronomicon and a translation left on audio tape which when played, awakens the Deadites. In true and traditional "Omfg-we're-running-for-our-lives" style, you get introduced to Ash, the story's delightfully pissed off anti-hero.

The movie hinges on the campy antics and blood a-plenty, but that's just within the first twenty minutes! Bruce Campbell provides a ton of hilarity and sarcasm and if you've caught the second and third movie in the series, you'll know that Evil Dead has developed a devout following as part of cult history. For those slow nights and those long trips, I can't think of anything else I'd love to have playing on my PSP.

If you're completely in need of something to rock your face, then grab this UMD as quick as you possibly can. Careful though, we can't be held responsible if you spontaneously combust due to it's awesomeness.

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