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Got Game? April '06

Find out what we've been playing this Spring.

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
April 19th 2006, 07:05AM

I really wish the 360 had more games. Wait, let me clarify that a bit further. I really wish the 360 had better games that were worth my time and money. My latest editorial column touched upon this and well, taking the discussion a bit further in GotGame seemed appropriate. Why? Well, it's because like many of you, I've been experiencing a bit of a conflict as to when I fork over $60 bucks. Some of my friends feel that Fight Night: Round 3 and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter are the only titles worth playing on the 360. That's right, not even Joanna Dark or Kameo were enough to win gamers over. When you stop to consider there's nearly 2 dozen domestic titles available, it's safe to assume there's a good chunk of consumers out there still holding out for more "killer apps". It shouldn't take a well-known franchise like Halo to drive more sales, but y'know -- history is bound to repeat itself.

A huge factor that's working against the 360 is the fact developers seem too comfortable with creating games with minor graphic enhancements instead of creating more original content. Take Burnout Revenge for instance. Here's a game that's proven to be absolutely remarkable on the current-gen platforms on every level. Really. Now, the 360 edition, to be totally honest here -- is the same game boasting sweeter visual eye candy with a new "revenge" tracking feature. GUN is an even better example... you can put both games side-by-side and you'd find very little differences. In my opinion, games developed for next-gen systems should offer a lot more than what we've been served. Ports are starting to annoy me, just because the more advanced systems seem to rarely offer enough perks. Give us some exclusive content, take full advantage of what the system can do. In the end, the fans will thank you for it.

In other news, I've yet to open up my copy of Kingdom Hearts II which will probably be well, a long time. How so? Well uh, it's because -- I haven't even beat the original. Yeah, I know -- I suck. I was about nearly 50% through the game and for some reason, lost interest. Now I have the desire to start a new game, beat it, then move onto the sequel. That's reasonable right? I mean, it's just odd playing the sequel before the original. Can you imagine seeing Empire Strikes Back without sitting through A New Hope? That just doesn't seem logical. Eh -- RPGs and I just don't seem to mix these days. It's like I just don't have enough incentive to beat them unless they're giving me achievement points like on 360. Which reminds me, I beat Tomb Raider: Legend last night. Whoo! Man, was that random or what?

I've also got a preview build of Out Run 2006: Coast 2 Coast for the PS2 that I plan to fire up on the PS2 tomorrow night. Oh, and the PSP edition of From Russia with Love. I may kick that to one of the other PSP owners on the team just because there's a few other articles I've been meaning to get published. Then again, if the PSP were real, it would certainly scold me for neglect. Hell, perhaps I may even get back to Oblivion. Don't ask -- there's a reason for that, but we'll save that topic for another column.

This month is a wee bit lighter than usual, but there's some old faces who haven't been featured for some time. Yes, Travis, Alex and Candice are back to share their gaming musings. Be sure to check 'em all out. Enjoy.

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