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Got Game? August 06

It's back...

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
August 10th 2006, 04:25AM

Aaron Drewniak

Sony just doesn't make anything to last, do they? Two weeks ago my Dual Shock has been acting like a device possessed, randomly pushing buttons and directions while I'm trying to play. Oddly enough, this didn't have much of an impact on my King of Fighters XI experience, but trying to sneak my way through Shinobido Takumi was well...a worse impossible mission than the second movie. Just try to get the drop on some feudal warlord when your ninja starts jumping around like an idiot.

This would have been moot if the Xbox 360, and it's perfectly excellent wireless controller, had some decent games to play on it, but so far I'm left with a whole lot of nothing. Oh yeah, I know Street Fighter II came out for Xbox Live Arcade. Just try to play that with the stock pad. Might as well become a Guile fanboy or something. Forget it. Though Capcom, bless their franchise laden hearts, has surprised almost everyone with a playable demo of their zombie slasher Dead Rising. Only got a relatively small area to play, fifteen minutes to play in, a few dozen weapons, and a crazy load of respawning zombies. So far, I've played it a lucky thirteen times, and it still hasn't gotten old. You can do so much from straight up slashing with a katana to putting funny hats on the zombies and bashing them with a bowling ball. Or drinking several concoctions to give you super spit or Flash-y speed. Skateboarding in a mall has always been a dream of mine, but now I can slaughter the undead at the same time!

Last week though I got my spare Dual Shock I left over a friend's house, which I've spent a good time destroying while ripping through Samurai Warriors 2, which I'll be reviewing with relative soon-ness (Editor's Note: It's up now, but this was written in advance well before the review went live). The problem with this game from a review standpoint is there's a damn lot of content. Twenty six playable characters, twenty four story modes (a number of which need to be defeated to unlock said characters), a fantastic mission-based survival mode that's practically a game itself, and a four player Monopoly-like board game, complete with split screen slashing challenges. It's great fun, but it takes so very long to unlock everything. Luckily, it's an advanced copy so I'm not really pressed for time, though I still feel the shadow of my potential review hovering over my head as I play, knowing that I can't just set this game down for six months and come back to it feeling fresh and greedy for that experience again as I do most non-review games.

And I'm closing on a condo. The biggest controller-breaking game of them all.

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