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Got Game? November '05

Holiday mayhem just got kicked up a notch, but our monthly rant is still going strong!

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
November 16th 2005, 03:25AM

Oh, how I've long awaited this day. The day in which male and female, young and old can come together for a innocent contest of kart mayhem. I am talking about Mario Kart DS, which by the time you read this has long since been available throughout retailers nationwide. It's amazing how a bit of advertising, hype (and a staff member teasing you with off/on about how awesome the game is can just get your heart all worked up. I should know, because I've been like that ever since we broke the news about the whole McWi-fi deal (look, I coined a new word!) And when Nov. 15th was just hours away, you can bet that I was eagerly awaiting those gates to open so I could pick up my copy in a heartbeat.

Taking a moment to rest while being comforted
by familiar friends...(no, that's not the staff)

If only things actually went as planned. As some of you know, the holiday season is an ultimate warzone for the media. Well, perhaps that's a stretch—it's a turbulent era where every product under the sun gets crammed into a two-month time frame. Nerves get rattled, discs are spinning and keyboards can be heard typing about—all in the name of gaming journalism. It may sound like the precursor to a bittersweet song song, but to be honest, that's the reality of my world. Lately, I find myself saying "I've got work to do." all too often for that I am shocked that anyone bothers to IM me at all when a free moment presents itself to make "small talk". Rest assured, this hectic saga won't last cant—I can only produce so much within a 24-hour period.

But I digess, as you can see, there's been working our butts off to bring you new content practically on a daily basis. And we're just getting warmed up. In order to keep our sanity intact, we're planning to launch a new "quickies" section that will offer a more concise wrap-up of a number of games that have been sort of shoved to the side and don't need an extensive report. It's something I've given a lot of thought too and given the circumstances we're collectively going through, I'd say that it's for best.

So about that Mario Kart DS. Sadly, I didn't have the opportunity to get some quick hands-on time before this blog session went live, but our super site administrator, Josh (aka Lhadatt), was nice enough to emerge from behind the scenes to offer a few quick thoughts. That's ok, now I've got something to discuss in my next Bahn Unplugged session which should be released sometime next week.

I'd probably should get going. I still need to spend some time watching the new Sonic X: Project Shadow DVD which should hit retailers tomorrow (followed by Shadow the Hedgehog. Also on deck: two (count 'em...two editions of "Get This!"); Travis Fahs visited the VGXPO (hope I spelled that right) and a new Gamespy assignment that goes by the name Need for Speed: Most Wanted. And that's just stuff lined up for the rest of this week.

Oh, on an unrelated note, there's only 3 days left before our Gunstar Superart Giveaway is over. I am hoping to see a bit more participation, unless you guys really got something against Treasure. I think that Gunstar Red and Blue just shed a tear.

Compared to previous editions, this month ended up being a bit of an abbreviated selection. Sadly, the lovable Candice Shane didn't make an appearance and Rich Marshall (remember him?) is knee-deep in college papers and such. Crazy times, folks. We should all be so lucky that our lives actually leave enough space for us to actually get into something that's dearly loved: games! Enjoy...

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