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Got Game: Year 4

Not going another month without sounding off.

Article by TNL Staff (Email)
February 28th 2008, 02:10AM

While the majority of my peers are pining for new original content to land on the 360, I am still struggling to play what's already available. It's as if history is repeating itself as I recall confessing a similar dilemma a few months ago. It's not that I am having dry spells, it's just really difficult to play one game to completion and move onto something else.

Over the past few weeks, I've basically breezed through Rock Band, Burnout Paradise, Wipeout Pulse and a handful of other games which I can't recall right now. I love each game dearly but I don't find myself nearly as addicted to (yeah, you know it's coming) Bomberman Live. I've reached a point in Rock Band that will demand some serious dedication in order to graduate from the Medium to Hard difficulty using the guitar. I am not feeling the drums; probably because I've been sticking to Easy. Oh, and the vocals is sweet, though I am not going to fool myself into thinking Paula, Simon and Randy will be calling for me to appear on American Idol.

So about that Wipeout Pulse? I like it, but it's not giving me that warm fuzzy feeling that I got from its predecessor. Perhaps it's because there just isn't enough to really distinguish it from the original besides the online multiplayer and ability to create custom tracks. Yes, I realize even now as I write that most of you are thinking: "That's a pretty big deal, man" but to me, it should offer more. More stages that I don't have to download; sorry... pay for. What's up with that? Pure offered several downloadable packs and they were all F-R-E-E. Now Sony expects us to fork over a bit of green. That doesn't really sit well with me. Spoiled? A bit.

Anyways, it's just hard to be too addicted to any particular game right now. Oh, and I am actually ashamed to admit that my Wii isn't getting any burn right now despite the fact that I have some cool gems like Zack 'n Wiki and Super Mario Galaxy to enjoy. Something must be wrong with me. Perhaps if my 360 broke, I'd have the perfect excuse to play other platforms. I shouldn't have said that. Now my 360 is bound to kick the bucket in a matter of weeks.

ยทยทยท Chris Scantleberry

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