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Indie Spotlight: The Behemoth

The developer of Alien Hominid talks about their latest work and their next move.

Article by Travis Fahs (Email)
May 1st 2006, 08:05PM

GN: Is Newgrounds going to continue to be a big part of The Behemoth's strategy?

Tom: I like to think that in the same way we took a popular game from Newgrounds and brought it to consoles, we can do the same for other popular artists on Newgrounds.

GN: Interesting. Do you mean that you would be intimately involved with that process, or is it just something you want to nurture?

Tom: There are varying degrees of potential involvement, but I would like to be as intimately involved as I can be. There are a lot of steps to going from a popular web game to a fully-realized console game, but we've been getting a lot of experience in that department, so we can be pretty helpful to aspiring artists and programmers.

GN: Very cool. There's a lot of talent out there that deserves it.

Tom: Tons of it. The great thing about the internet is that it exposes talent in all the places where it never would have been found. There are plenty of amazing game programmers living in no-name towns, taking boring jobs because they don't want to move away from home and no one in their area needs video game programmers.

GN: You've been great, Tom. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Any parting message for our readers?

Tom: Parting message... "Follow your dreams, you can achieve your goals. Beefcake!"

Fans should look forward to this year's Comic-Con in July for the official unveiling of The Behemoth's new game. Until then check out for all the latest.

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