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Industry Spotlight: The Game Initiative

Looking for video game opportunities, but uncertain where to begin? Find out what The Game Initiative can do for you.

Article by Heidi Kemps (Email)
February 18th 2005, 05:37PM

Are you thinking seriously about getting into the games industry? It's a tough field to break into - but fear not, there's plenty of help for you. Gaming-related events and job fairs are starting to spring up across the country. This weekend saw the Game Initiatve's Jobs in Gaming conference in Shoreline, a suburb of lovely Seattle, Washington, and plenty of aspiring artists, programmers, modelers, writers, and even localizers came to attend - some from the other side of the globe!

Organizations and businesses exhibiting ranged from schools such as the University of Washington, Digipen, and Tempe University, to companies hunting for fresh blood like Midway and Popcap Games. Many of the attendees were showing off their work - be it their original Flash games, 3D animation demos, or traditional art portfolios - to both company representatives and their peers.

Most of the time was taken up by a group of seminars with programmers, designers, and artists from companies like Microsoft, Mythic Entertainment, and Sony Online Entertainment. These discussions were held on topics such as understanding what a job in the game industry entails, and what skills from outside fields of study (film, traditional art, etc.) can be applied towards creating games and gaming technology. They fielded audience questions and gave detailed, helpful responses based on their own personal experience.

The conference ended with an analysis of what game companies are looking for in resumes and portfolios of prospective employees. They emphasized the importance of showing enthusiasm for getting into the field to the firms you are presenting yourself to, and also gave helpful tips on creating an attention-grabbing email, resume, and website to show off your work. Towards the very end of the event, they reviewed several resume submissions of attendees, talking about what was good and what still needed some work.

The Game Initiative is a firm that specializes in setting up events for people who are or aspire to be in the games industry. Future Game Initiative events are planned for locations such as the Bay Area and Austin, Texas. If you are serious abut going into game development and/or design as a field of work, these events will be undoubtedly be of great benefit to your career aspirations. Game Initiative events coming soon that will be of interest are the Women's Game Conference (for those of us lacking a Y chromosome) and the Austin Game Conference.

If you're interested in attending or exhibiting at a Game Initiative event, please contact Cynthia Freese at 512-658-4743 or for more information. For a comprehensive list of upcoming events, be sure to visit


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