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Interview: Atlus USA

GN talks with Atlus.

Article by Aaron Drewniak (Email)
August 3rd 2004, 05:00AM

Atlus USA has had a long experience now in game localization, so is there anything you feel that you're doing right that other companies are doing wrong? Even with your experience, there's always room for improvement. What goals is Atlus USA striving for to better itself for the future?

One thing that has remained consistent here at Atlus through the years is quality. No matter what project we work on, the staff here is dedicated to bringing US gamers the best localization possible. In translations, we strive for balance--staying true to the original game, and at the same time making the dialogue sound natural for the American audience. Whenever possible, we have also offered a bilingual option, so that our games can be enjoyed by both casual fans and hardcore fans. Although, Disgaea, is considered to be one of our best localizations but of course there's always room for improvement. If we can somehow improve on some element in our upcoming games, whether it be tighter dialogue or voice acting we'll eventually be able to silence even the harshest of critics.

Got-Next would like to thank Sonoko Saito, Yu Namba, Akibo Shieh and Gail Salamanca (Atlus USA) for taking the time to provide a very exciting and informative interview. Stay tuned for more updates on Atlus' upcoming games in the near future!

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