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Life in Milford: An Animal Crossing Tale - Chapter 1

Chris shares his virtual experience in the wonderful world of Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 8th 2005, 06:10AM

December 7, 2005 10:02 a.m It's a good thing the town cabbie was big on conversation as the continuous drizzle from the storm was making me sleepy. Rather nosy he was, but I knew full well it was just his own way of being friendly. Being new to town, he advised me that it would be best to quickly find some line of work in order to stay on top of my expenses. Being a city slicker, I'd imagine that wouldn't be a problem.

By the time we pulled up my new home in Milford, the rain let up, which was great seeing as I forgot to pack an umbrella. Quickly taking a glimpse of the surroundings, I could see the place would definitely need some sprucing up. I dropped off the few things I brought with me and headed out for a few minutes to admire my surroundings. Man, I was famished, but with most of the shops being closed, I didn't have many options. Well, other than picking some fruit off the trees.

"I suppose nobody would miss a few," I thought. "After all, this is practically my backyard." I walked up to an orange tree and shook it a bit, knocking a few off their vines. Woo! I quickly picked them up, and ate them one by one. That hit the spot. In the distance, I could see someone was Tom Nook.

"Hope it's to your liking," he said.

"It's ok," I responded. Milford definitely seemed like it would be something of a culture shock and to be perfectly frank, I was lucky Nook was willing to give me the house. And while he was certainly generous, Nook was all about the money and it was time to collect.

"...that will be 21,800 bells," he said. I nearly choked. Then he assured me that that it didn't all have to be delivered at once. At first I was getting worried where I'd be able to come up with the funds to fully pay him back, but that's when Nook shocked me once again—he offered me a part-time job. I guess fortune truly does shine on the good-hearted folk, eh?

Nook invited me to drop by after getting settled so he could show me around the shop and such. Judging by his character, I got the impression that he'd give new meaning to the term "hard labor". "How bad could it be?" I thought? Guess I'd find out soon...

To be continued...

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