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Life in Milford: An Animal Crossing Tale - Chapter 2

Delivery duties aren't fun.

Article by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 9th 2005, 07:02AM

December 8, 2005 — Sometime after 9 p.m. So yesterday, Nook basically got me set up to be his part-time slave delivery boy. But before I'd get started with the errands he had lined up for me, he thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself to the local folk. It was a good thing too, Milford's quite a change from the city. No subway. No buses. Hard to believe everyone gets around just from... walking.

Nook handed me a uniform, explaining that it was vital I wore it at all times on my shift. If my hesitation to put them on wasn't enough of a sign, the look on my face gave every indication that I'd dread every minute wearing this dreary grey articles of clothing he called a "uniform". The most impressive part to me was no other than the cursive writing on the shirt advertising the company name: "Nook's Cranny"

I used to think the fast food joints getups were funky, but this had totally taken the cake. But seeing as I needed the cash and this was likely going to be my only opportunity for awhile, I sucked it up to a very humbling experience.

Anyways, it made for some much needed exercise; at this rate, my calfs are going to be huge come next Summer. Upon spending the past hour walking throughout town, I headed back to Nook's. Now the real work was about to begin. I started out by delivering some exotic furniture to Rod, a young mouse who to get a kick out of calling me "Ace." Funny thing about the delivery was that he didn't seem to recall making an order for the chair at all. He started yammering on, but there wasn't much time for small talk given the strict deadline Nook set. After heading back, Nook then asked me to deliver a letter to Blaire, followed by some do-hickey item for Daisy. Before long, a good 2 hours had gone by – my feet were aching, and there was Nook, standing ever proud of his new worker.

"You did good for your first day, kid. Yup, yup!"

I smiled...

"But now that everything's all done, I am 'fraid I'll have to lay you off," he said. My smiled quickly turned to a look of shock. Was he actually serious? After all that work, he was going to lay me off... what kind of joke was he pulling here?

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