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Nobody Cares What Candice Thinks: E3 Edition

Now with more cynicism.

Article by Candice Shane (Email)
May 13th 2006, 01:30AM

Everyone has read the thousands of impressions that writers get the moment that they're away from E3. It’s not surprising and generally it's really boring but that's not so much the case with me. At least I hope it isn't because why the hell am I even bothering you guys and wasting your time? Strangely enough, people who can't attend E3 -- they want to know WHAT everything is like and that's where I come in. From the newbie perspective and into your living rooms, home offices and possibly bedrooms. I'm Candice Shane and I had my first E3 experience this year. Was it awesome? Was it hardcore? Of course. It was everything that most geeks dream of when they're booking flights and begging for those precious passes into the Los Angeles Convention Center's doors.

First off, you wouldn't believe how difficult it can be to get into E3 this year. There were lines and lines of people who got turned away and while we were the lucky group that didn't really have any trouble -- a lot of gaming enthusiasts sites were pushed away. Chris Scantleberry just happens to be one of the most obnoxiously amazing networkers of our time and with a few well placed words, we were ushered around the flowers of the various halls. Even when I was unfortunate enough to lose my first badge (I had a special Early E3 Access badge.) on the very first day, Chris was able to get me back down there and get me a new one without much effort. It was good to have someone on my side that had that kind of Midas touch.

Meeting with all the various staff members at GotNext and then wandering from appointment to appointment was like something out of a coming-of-age movie. We marched together, fought together and even tapped at our respective keys together. Saying hi to the people we knew and then moving forward to get that awesome chance at playing videogames we had been dying to play. On the list were such titles as: God of War II, Disgaea 2, Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus, Dead Rising, Sonic Rivals, Lost Planet... and tons more. I'm going to get into all that stuff later. It's going to take so long doing all of this that I know you'd fall asleep before I listed the stuff I had a chance to see.

I got my hands on whatever console I possibly could and even giggled as I heard about the industry gossip that went on while we were there. You guys can't even begin to fathom how huge it really is until you're lost in a sea of your fellow geeks and overcome with the glory of E3. The flashing lights, the half-naked women and the babbling brook of media hype -- it's all there for anyone to walk in and get swept away. I loved it. After the first day, where I was stumbling around and trying to get my heading, I had the second day to come back and really dig my teeth into it. I became known as "that girl who walked around in her socks" because I refused to spend the day worrying about how sore my feet were. I ran around barefoot, playing videogames and having a blast. That's what it was supposed to be all along, you know? About the videogames and the experience of meeting your fellow gamers.

So, as if nobody else existed... I put in my earplugs that the people at the Tylenol booth gave me and I proceeded to sit down on the floor in front of Dead Rising and play. Nobody stopped me either, because I figured they knew I wouldn't budge anyways. So, I sat down in front of the kiosk and got to know more about the game that I'd been dying to touch, hear and feel. I'd giggle and since I was tuned out to everything around me, it was a much more personal experience. Intimacy is a big factor and sometimes you can lose yourself when you're subjected to hundreds and hundreds of people who are all screaming to get their hands on the next big thing. I had no issues with this though as I was sitting upon the plush carpet with bare feet and plugged ears. Nobody was coming in.

When I wasn't plopped down in front of a kiosk or shaking tons of hands to people I'd always wanted to meet, I was busily interviewing Booth Babes for an upcoming feature. They were great sports about it and took my sense of humor just as well as the next person, which was quite impressive to say the least. We happily attended a couple of parties while we were all out here and thankfully we got our chances to unwind as a group, a collective. Our team was small this year but we had friends all over the board that expanded our quarters and that was most important.

So, looking back on the experience of E3 -- it was a good one. With watching the new technologies unfold and the surprises in store for us this year and meeting the people that make up our technologically advanced world. It was fascinating. The facets all came full circle and we saw exactly what E3 was all about, the unification of gamers everywhere. I know that personally, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else next May.

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