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Nobody Cares What Candice Thinks: Episode 5

It's been a long time since anyone's heard from everyone's favorite mouthpiece. See what she's been up to.

Article by Candice Shane (Email)
February 7th 2006, 09:25PM

I've returned. From what, you ask? Well, when I figure out exactly what was actually wrong with my internal organs, I'll let you know. Recently, I was stricken with a couple different little viruses and have just started to recover. It's my first day without feeling even remotely sick, isn't that awesome? Maybe now I can get a few things done that I've been aching to do but just too sickly to get them finished completely. Go procrastination!

I turned twenty-five this last Sunday, which is a huge pinnacle in my life. Hell, I had no clue I'd make it to twenty and here I am welcoming in the twenty-fifth year of my life. Looking back, you start to realize just how much you change. I'm sure those of you who are my age or even older understand what I mean. For example, when you're twenty-five you come to the conclusion that you were insanely immature at twenty and you really, really thought you had it all figured out. Fifteen, well.. we don't even want to get into that! Getting older is an interesting thing and it's absolutely fascinating to chronicle your life and how much you've grown up.

Enough of that boring stuff though. You didn't come here for that. Did I tell you guys that I got a chance to play the 360? Yeah, I cuddled up in my bed and played some Perfect Dark Zero, but was uninterested with it after about ten minutes. It's true what they say about the graphics. They're just not that beautiful unless you can take in the High-Definition capabilities. On a normal television, it's just slightly pretty to look at. I loved the opening sequence to Perfect Dark Zero and I really appreciated the way they took an FPS and added tons of little quirks that make PDZ really fun to play. Well, fun to play for a little while at least. I got over it after the first mission and handed the controller to my capable five-year old. As it turns out, she's a really good FPS player. Who would've thought.

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